TOURING IN 36 cities world-WIDE

Our goal is to show each client how to "get the story behind the image" - not just a collection of post-card images. At the end of the tour we want you to take home a fantastic collection of fine photographs that tell THEIR story, the way you experienced the city.

Over the years we have been building an integrated network of professional photographers spread across 5 continents, 20 countries and more than 36 cities. Each photographer has been chosen because of their excellent photography, their ability to relate well on a one-to-one basis with our clients, local knowledge and ability to speak English. Our itineraries are not run-of-the-mill; each tour is specifically designed to insure that clients will see and photograph the most interesting and important places each city has to offer. Every photographer knows his or her city intimately, and is ready to offer not only photographic coaching, but an interesting commentary on places visited.

  • Company Background

    Photo Adventurer is an American company based in Paris.
  • We are a destination management company arranging and creating tours, experiences and events for individuals and groups. In addition, we are an official booking agent for many of the scheduled sightseeing tours and cruises. In these cases we suggest you review the conditions of those reservations which you do at the time of your reservation. The advantage of booking through us is that in case there is a problem you can call us and we will help you resolve it.
    As we work in over 35 cities please email us if you are unsure of the terms and conditions of a tour or accommodation.

Our Guides our working on these ideals:

  Having fun with photography
  Improve your powers of observation
  Create interesting shots with any camera
  Learn to tell a story through your Images
  Learn some local history and discover a new location
  Capture your holiday magic moments in a fun and easy way

Your Tour Experience &

  • Booking Terms & Conditions:

  • In the case of a "no show" the "client" is charged the first night of a hotel booking and your are required to pay the full amount of a booked tour.
    If you are late, providers will try to do their best to accommodate you however they are not responsible to do so after the reserved time and may charge you a surcharge to complete the service. In either case you are required to pay the full amount.
    Package trips are confirmed when paid. 30% deposit at the time of booking and the balance 60 days prior to arrival. Non payment and the deposits are forfeited.
    We strongly advise you to purchase trip insurance. Please note we can not guarantee the timeliness of any service modified less than 7 days prior to start date during high season or event days.

  General guide introduction, his/her experience, background and welcome to the city
  Photographer will ask clients, one by one, to explain what they want to get out of the photo tour. (By self-setting realistic, obtainable goals – clients will be more satisfied at end of tour. This helps our photographer identify client needs – and thus improve focus of the tour).
  Useful quick tricks on taking better photos.
  At each stop a discussion on the different ways the photos could have been taken.
  At the end of the tour each guest will have created a story in photos of their city adventure and will have improved their photographic ability. This will lead to the desire to take more photo tours in other ports of call.
  We will allow clients to post their best images onto a site where clients can feel involved and part of the photo adventure network. We will create competitions for the best photo and award prizes.

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