Photography Tours around London

You have your camera, you're ready to travel to your favorite destination, and may be wondering what to expect when you arrive for the Photo Adventurer Tour. You can relax, because our photographers are top-notch professionals who know how to teach the art of travel photography to beginners and professional alike.

Whether you have a point-and-shoot or the most up-to-date digital SLR, our photographers are ready to show you how make memorable photographs while getting the most out of your camera. "It's not the horse, it's the rider!" as they say, and the fundamentals of creative photography begin with the eye, not the camera.

Our photographers will begin by asking you about your interest and background in photography, whether you consider yourself a beginner or more advanced, and what you would like to achieve on the tour. With your input, he or she will be able identify your personal needs and set realist, obtainable, goals for the time you will be together. You may want to learn more about the camera and "all those menus". You may want to improve your composition, or perhaps move forward from "taking post-card pics". Whatever your level of expertise, our photographers are ready and able to help you improve your photography at every stop along the tour.

We've designed our tours to encompass various historical/social milestones in each city. At each stop our photographer will introduce the historical significance of the spot, as well as a specific photographic technique or "trick" that can be applied to get the best shot. Your guide will explain why making a photograph in a particular way may be the most appropriate for the subject, and invite a discussion on other ways you might photograph the spot. This interaction is the key to improving your photography. By the end of the tour you will have a collection of images that tell the story of YOUR experience and way of seeing the city of your choice.

For beginners and professionals.

Discover parts of London less traveled by tourists.
Hear interesting tales and stories
Take better photos
Turn your photos into exciting stories
Have fun !