Travel Photography - Better Results


Travel photography is what you do when you go on vacation and enjoy the local scenery and maybe collect some snapshots or postcards of your trip; voyaging is what you do when you find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings and challenge yourself to make visual sense of your experience in a concise, and understandable manner which results in a series of photographs that tell a compelling story.

Great photography – whether traveling or not – is a visual voyage that requires planning, a goal, a desire to experience new and sometimes difficult and challenging conditions, dedication, and above all, the ability to take risks. Think of yourself as Ulysses with a Camera!

But even Ulysses had to prepare for his famous voyage, and so must we – the voyager with a camera! How does one voyage with his or her camera and return home with a personal, fascinating, and captivating collection of images that tell a story, rather than the “normal” tourist snapshots?

In the following months, I will offer helpful insights, tips & tricks, and a common-sense plan that each of you can follow to insure the best results possible in your travel photography. To some, much of what I have to offer may be “old hat” – to others, something new. Take what you can from these, insights, strategies, and musing and discover for yourself what is most helpful. Additionally, to break up the monotony, I will share some of my more exciting voyages while photographing around the world both with National Geographic and on my own, with insights into some lessons I learned along the way.