Adventures thru the Lens in Berlin

Spend an exciting morning and / or evening in Berlin with a professional photographer learning how to make great photographs while visiting Berlin's monumental buildings, East/West Zone and districts.

This tour offers participants an authentic city adventure and rare opportunity to experience Berlin from an insider’s point of view. Your professional photographic guide will point out details invisible to the untrained eye and reveal the best vantage-points on your chosen route. Learn to tell a story through images, take great shots of iconic monuments and capture atmospheric images off the beaten track.

Your Berlin Tour Options:

  • Route 1 - Historic Berlin Monuments

    A selection of Berlin's historic highlights. Old backyards in the former jewish quarter (Scheunenviertel), River Spree, Museum Island with its 19th century monumental architecture, Berlin Cathedral, Boulevard "Unter den Linden", Opera House, reconstructed "Nicolai Quarter"

  • This tour starts in the center of "Mitte", Berlin's lively number one residential district with its old houses, streets and backyards. One of these, the "Hackesche Höfe" was reconstructed and now is home for art galleries, restaurants, cinemas and manufacturers where we can watch and photograph craftsmen at work.

    After a short walk and crossing the "Spree-River" we reach the "Museumsinsel" (Museum Island) where we can do architecture photography. Constructed under several Prussian Kings with internationally renowned museums. The monumental style is a real challenge for the photographer to catch.

    Strolling along the river Spree we pass the old Schlossbrücke (Castle Bridge), the Staatsoper (Opera House), statue of "Frederic The Great" Germany's most famous king. The Tour ends at the oldest sites of historic Berlin: Nicolai Quarter shows a medieval German town center (church, tavern, houses) typically reconstructed during the East-German era in the 1970s.

  • Route 2 - East / West Berlin Architecture

    New architecture of Berlin's Government Quarter, Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial, Potsdamer Platz

  • Along the former borderline between East and West - Architecture and people photography Starting in the morning for a visit to the dome on top of the Reichstag Building. This spectacular architecture was designed by Sir Norman Foster as part of reconstruction of the old German Parliament and has some sensational views for your camera. A short walk takes us to Brandenburg Gate, Germany's most famous symbol. It was build in 1790 as a city gate and now is part of an architectural ensemble which shows both historic and modern buildings. Berlin's Top Hotel "Adlon", the French and US Embassies are located close by. Also a good place to watch and photograph street performers of every kind.
    After a 5 Minute walk following the former borderline between East- and West-Berlin we reach the Holocaust Memorial. This 19,000 square meter (4.7 acre) site reminds of the millions of murdered jews during the Nazi era. For the skilled photographer it provides endless sights: 2711 stelas, narrow alleys surprisingly appearing and disappearing people in the labyrinth.
    Next to the Memorial we will come to Berlin's new city-center, the Potsdamer Platz. Highrising architecture as its best.
    The Sony-Center's roof construction looking like big sails from below and like Japan's mount Fuji from the distance is an absolute must for all camera freaks. Restaurants serving the world's food and of course typical German and Berlin specialties.
    An overall view of Berlin from top of the highrisers ends this tour.

  • Route 3 - Berlin at night illumination tour.

    New architecture of Berlin's Government Quarter: Main Station, Chancellery, MP-Buildings, Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate

  • All the buildings en route are iluminated and show spectacular lights. You need a tripod for your best shots! Similar to the Borderline Tour except the visit of Reichstag Dome.
    Chancellery, Brandenburg Gate, Pariser Platz, Holocaust Memorial, Potsdamer Platz with Sony-Center.